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Overall, a really good read and one I would And I don't mean in a bad way, as I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon

Miller is a chef, who has just closed down a restaurant, is getting a divorce from Submitting to the Lawyer Erotic Romance You know when you just find that book that you settle in with and don't want to stop reading? Well this is that book. If you love your men alpha and heroic and your women independent with a slight touch of brat, you won't be disappointed here. BJ had definitely settled I found the storyline engaging and balance between story and romance well delivered.

Overall a great read! Some are 'for real', whilst others aren't--one involves a costume of someone going to a KinkCon.

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Heather Boyd Newcastle, Australia USA Today Bestselling Author Heather Boyd believes every character she creates deserves their own happily-ever-after--no matter how much trouble she puts them through. With that goal in mind, she writes steamy romances that skirt the boundaries of propriety I can't imagine a home without bookshelves, piles of books and magazines around the house and a stack of recipe books in the kitchen.

Along with romance, I've written I live in Wellington, New Zealand and share my home with two cats who are convinced that the house is run to suit them. This is an ongoing "discussion," and Keta Diablo Midwest Keta lives in the Midwest portion of the country on six acres of beautiful woodland. Here, she communes with nature; eagles, owls and loons the winged version. There's a lovely environmental lake on her property named after a famous Native American Ryshia Kennie Saskatchewan, Canada The winner of her city's writing award, Ryshia's novels have taken her characters from the depression era prairies in her first book, the historic "From the Dust" to the ancient stones of Angkor Wat.

There's never a lack of places to set a story as the I live in Melbourne, Victoria, on the Eastern coast of Australia. I can be contacted by email on: r. Peyton Atlanta, GA, USA I am a 30 something married white collar career woman with the stereo typical 2 kids, a dog and the white picket fence. I enjoy reading as my hobby because I can drift away into someone else's world but if there is a mommy emergency I can put the book I enjoy reading any subject, but have always been passionate to romances.

My kids think I am a super mom because I can read so fast. All I can tell them is that my speed We haven't had a famous author.. I am a twin and I have written Maria Rya I'm a business student doing my bachelor degree. I have a younger brother and I am the only one in my fsmily obsessed with reading.

There was a time when I didn't read anything, but Harry Potter changed it all: Made me realise the treasures hidden Coming Soon! A Billionaire Mm Romance Kace Karrington is a wealthy, self-made investor with no qualms about steamrolling others to achieve his goals. He's attracted to men, but picks up beautiful women, giving the cold, unfeeling world of Finance the appearance he's successful That is until he meets a smoking hot street punk eager to show him there's more to life than making money. Loved reading this box set. Looking forward for more. This is right up my dark alley.

When two very different worlds collide Hailey is a palm reader, a fortune teller, complete with crystal balls and Tarot cards in her little shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans. She is a throwback to the sixties with her boho style and long, blonde hair. Joshua is a marketing guy; a handsome business type who has been seeing Hailey professionally for over a year. She predicted his promotion, that he'd find the perfect condo, and just about everything that's happened in his life recently.

But he is ready to find his soulmate, and Hailey hasn't quite been able to tell him about her, except that there will be someone in his future. They are as different as day and night, but Hailey has fallen in love with Josh. She knows it can never happen, and it would be unethical for her to predict that she was his soulmate.

Josh is attracted to her, too, even though she's just not his type. But when they begin to go out as friends, they soon discover they have much more in common than they realized. When a lifelong dream that Josh thought was out of his reach becomes a possibility, will he have to choose between that and his new love? And a girl's got to eat. Enter: the Stadium, a secretive video game gambling ring. As a world ranked eGamer, winning should be cake.

Until it's not. Gambling debts suck her in deep.

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A chance encounter with the media shy, ridiculously handsome video game CEO Noah Harrison offers her a way out. Falling for each other is the most dangerous thing they could do Hanie Morrison has either completely lost her mind, or she's finally taken charge of her love life when she starts a liaison with a man she meets online. Their friendship fast becomes more, and she's having the best cyber sex of her life. Matt's determined to reconnect with Jake on Valentine's Day. He didn't ask for her heart as well, but he steals it anyway.

A good girl's dirty little secret with the bad boy. Anything else is forbidden. Or is it? Walters It's Halloween and a masquerade party is in full swing at Brannigan's Pub. Tonight, hiding behind her costume and mask, she can keep her identity a secret as she attempts to seduce him into one long, hot night of pleasure.

As a writer, she had written thousands of scenes depicting it, but love was something that always eluded her. Secure with anonymity behind her laptop as a ghost-writer, Delilah was in total control to freely manipulate the male characters she created. In her relationships with men, Delilah preferred one-night stands to the devious mind games men played while dating. Jake Hastings entered Delilah's life uninvited, yet as fate would have it, seemingly beyond her control.

Would Delilah finally be able to find love, or would Jake merely be an additional notch on her bedpost and her first heartbreak? Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd. Updated edition!

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She finds contentment in her cat, her sarcasm, and her whiskey. All that changes when a deathly ill Traveller literally fell onto her doorstep, setting off a chain of events which forces her to return to the job she'd retired from decades before. The Agency sends her and her assistant, Mattea, back into three dangerous eras of history to find the disease vector threatening the life of every modern Traveller. She searches through a teeming desert bazaar amongst the luxury of the court of Mansa Musa.

She explores the dark forests of pre-Columbian America, fighting against the heartbreak of true love. She gets entangled in the convoluted politics of twelfth century Norse-ruled Orkney, sifting through the horrific carnage of a murdered village. If Wilda can't return in time with the right pathogen, the modern scientists can't synthesize a cure for the disease before all the Travellers fall ill. She has to navigate politics, bandits, camels, and midnight coup d'etats, complete her mission, and return to the present, or lose herself in the depths of her own purposely-forgotten past.

Walters, and Nicole Austin. Sommerville holidays. Holiday Disaster: Days before Christmas, a librarian experiences plumbing issues and visits from Mr.

Maintenance Man who isn't nearly as jolly as Santa Claus. The Littlest Angel: Two people. One ornament for the tree. Can a twosome find common ground and discover the true meaning of Christmas? Holiday Handbag Extravaganza: Christmas Countdown is on! A hunk-a-licious customer pesters a boutique owner to locate a vintage handbag for his mother. Too bad the wedge between them is his sister, the meanest girl in town. Can Hunter and Gage live up to her expectations? Erin is a loner not out of choice, but due to tragedy. You think you might be prepared for the passion of the paranormal, but after you've experienced these three tales from erotica… Meer.

Yvette never thought she would belong to any man, but now that she does, she's surprisingly happy. Kareem was everything she had… Meer. Driven by worry and jealousy, Yvette flees Kareem's villa. He is not the kind of man to let someone he owns easily slip from his… Meer.

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When she was a child, Ginny met a charming boy and now, after all these years, she still dreams of marrying him, which is why she… Meer. This ebook also contains a preview of the hot novella ''Twists and Curves'' by Sandra Sinclair. When love, lust and billions… Meer. Yolanda Gray is no stranger to challenges, having climbed her way up from being a newspaper reporter to being a talk show host,… Meer. During one of… Meer. Shanice is smart, cute, modest - and a proud certified geek!

After a victorious round of online videogaming, a fellow player who… Meer.

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Years ago, Jonathan and Tara were fierce competitors in a singing reality show - and lovers in secret. But after Jonathan won, he… Meer. When Jailah sees her ex-boyfriend, Rudy, in the bookstore where she works, she suspects that he's up to no good. Unfortunately,… Meer.

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Hannah and Drew's marriage may have been on the rocks, but she'd never dreamed that one day he would simply vanish. With no one… Meer. Millions of years from now, Earth is gone, but one man's journey has just begun During one of his missions to a perilous… Meer.